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Besties for Restiies 👌


Besties for Restiies 👌

Dear Grey’s Anatomy writers, please can Callie and Arizona go to therapy already?! They have already been through a lot during the last couple of seasons, they deserve a little bit of happiness, surely they have earned that?

I wished the Grey’s Anatomy writers would sort out some of the problems with the characters and the couples before dumping even more problems on them.

Haven’t Calzona been through enough bad stuff over the last couple of seasons? Give them a break and let them sort out the stuff they need to sort out, then bring up them wanting another baby.

Calzona have got a lot of stuff to deal with both as a couple and individually.

The Third Option


I think I figured it out! The point of last nights episode was to set up part of why Christina leaves. She sees that Owen and her cannot be happy together without her sacrificing her career and they cannot be happy apart as long as they still are around each other - as seen in the last season or…

*spoiler alert*

I had just been reading a couple of Grey’s Anatomy articles and now I am writing my thoughts here. In one article, I found out that the actress who played Amelia Shepherd, Derek’s sister, in Private Practice, is coming to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital during season 10 as a recurring character. I like Amelia and I think she’ll be a great addition to the cast. It will be interesting to see how they write her into the series. She may also be around for season 11.

The other article I read is that the actors playing Shane Ross and Leah Murphy haven’t had their contracts renewed for season 11 (probably to allow for the addition of Amelia Shepherd into the cast?). Out of all the new interns to walk the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, I really like Jo and Stephanie and I did like Mousey too (RIP Mousey). Shane Ross and Leah Murphy didn’t really click with me and that is the fault of the writers and the character development, or lack of it, for these characters. They were both loners who didn’t really make friends with the others and they were mainly used as a way to advance the storylines of the other characters, so they didn’t really get their own storylines, or the attention to their characters unlike the other interns have been given. I also think that for Shane and Leah, the writers have run out of direction of where to go with these characters as individuals.

All I know is, Shane Ross and Leah Murphy won’t be missed by a lot of people…


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Callie’s cute victory dance.